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The advanced photography discussion group is for photographers who are tired of participating in discussion forums where every other question seems to be from someone who doesn't know what an f-stop is, or who really wants to know what the best sort of film is for photographing yellow parrots in partial sunlight north of the equator in a month with an "r" in it is. And if the parrots were green, or south of the equator, or if it was July, whether a different choice should be made. There is a place for such questions I'm sure, but it's not here.

This is also not the place for those who wonder if Superman with a T4 would take better pictures than Batman with a Leica M6 or who like to discuss just why Canon didn't put the AF lock button 3/4" to the left and down a bit so they could push it with their index finger while holding the camera in their left hand, upside down above their head.

This forum is for people who have actually take pictures and have read a book on photography, who's goal in life isn't finding the best 28-200 zoom under $150 and who don't judge the results of their work based on 3x5 prints made by the local drugstore. They also know that you get what you pay for, and no matter how long or hard you look, cheap lenses are cheap because ther aren't as good as good lenses. However, they also know that there's much more to a good photograph than using a good lens and that modest equipment can yield great images in the right hands. This forum is also for people who have read the instruction manuals which came with their equipment, know how to use a web search engine and a book index and at least make an attempt to research their question via those routes before asking it here.

If this sounds elitist, it probably is. What else is new.

NOTE: There are already a number of excellent forums where you might get a better answer to your question than here. For example:

WARNING: This site is administered by a team of ruthless moderators who will delete your question without a second thought if they don't like it. You have been warned. Complaints will most likely be ignored.

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