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I'm a 17 year old girl. I go to Warwick Valley High School,Warwick,NY. I'm do a group descion in my high school any information anyone would like me to include in the decision please let me know. I have facts but I could use some more.

Thank you

-- Jennifer VanDuzer (, July 07, 1997


Jennifer's Discussion Group?

I am a little confused, Jennifer, along with the author of the prior message. What is your group discussion about at your school? You have brought up two very interesting topics; parenting and surivving rape: So, I'm not sure what your group is discussing at your school and what kind of information you might be loking for. Could you clear this up a little for all of us?



-- Mira (, July 09, 1997.


The group decision is about rape

-- anonymously answered, July 08, 1997


Mira, The group is about rape.

-- Jennifer (, July 09, 1997.

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