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I am trying to obtain a list of the world's tallest subway elevators. Portland is building 2 250-foot elevators in its new Washington Park subway station and I would like to know how that compares with the world's best. Can anyone point me to a comprehensive listing? Thanks.

-- Michael Schaeffer (, July 18, 1997


Tallest (deepest) subway elevators

In San Fransico on the muni line under Twin Peaks There are 3 elevators the size of small rooms about 15x15 50 passengers as I recall the rise is about 400 feet

-- Fred Baltes (, August 31, 1997.

Not a comprehensive listing, but the Forest Glen metro station in the Washington, DC metro system (Maryland suburb of Silver Spring) was once described as the world's tallest subway elevato

-- Michael Berney (, September 06, 1999.

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