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Does Amnesty try to free anyone, no matter what they've done? I don't want murders let go!

-- Sue Hecker (), September 10, 1997


NO, Amnesty will try to free only prisoners of conscience, that is, those imprisoned for their race, beliefs, language, ethnic origin, or sex, provided the have not used or advocated violence.

We also work for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners.

-- Nathan Solinsky (, September 10, 1997.

One more thing: if a criminal is sentenced to DEATH, we will work to have it commuted to life imprisonment.

Our position is that DEATH is cruel and unusual punishment. Imprisonment should have humane conditions.

We actually advocate that human rights violators (who are criminals) be brought to justice.

-- Jonathan D. Loo, member, AIUSA; Community Leader, GeoCities (, September 10, 1997.

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