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I have come across a few glass plate negatives that I would love to develop. I have not been in a darkroom for approx. 10 years and want to set up a new one. I am under the impression that not just any enlarger will suffice for developing the glass plates. Any suggestions?? Thanks. Charlene

-- Charlene Curley (, November 11, 1997


If these are old plates, exposed a long time ago, I doubt that you will get reasonable results from them.

Developing will be as for any other photographic material: trays, in total darkness (or maybe a safelight might be safe, depending on the emulsion).

If you want to enlarge them, you'll need an enlarger that will take them. If the negatives are about 1 inch by 1.5 inches, a 35mm enlarger might do it. If they are whole-plate, you'll need a much larger beast.

Do you have any more details?

-- Alan Gibson (, November 12, 1997.

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