Heroism in the Metamorphoses

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I'm currently writing my d.phil thesis on met.4 (which is going to be an electronic commentary on the second half of the book). For various reasons, I'm thinking of changing my topic title, and am considering writing something on the concepts of heroism and the heroic ideal within the met. Does anyone know of anyone working on this already, or can anyone recommend any good starting points for a literary survey on this field? (if there is one...) Please contact me direct, via email, since my current internet access is severely limited.....(hell, this _is_ oxford!) Thanks in advance, sorry for any cluttering, Laura

-- Laura Gorney (laura.gorney@lithum.ox.ac.uk), November 20, 1997


I have respnded privately to Laura, anyone interested in my (few) thoughts should contact me by email

-- Ulrich Schmitzer (uhschmit@phil.uni-erlangen.de), November 28, 1997.

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