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I'm far from a classical scholar, but I do need some info on Ovid. If someone who knows the sources out there could tell me of a place on the web where I could get some relatively simple biographical data on Ovid and his works I would be eternally grateful. I have a presentation to make in a matter of days and have as of yet been unable to find anything that is not an in depth texual critisism. May the Gods bless whomever responds to this desperate supplication.

-- John Smith (jesus45@hotmail.com), November 29, 1997


Basic Info on Ovid

You could look up Ovid in the Oxford Classical Dictionary (find the new 3rd edition if your library has it) and Latin Literature by Gian Biagio Conte (pp. 340-366)

-- Sean Redmond (redmonds@acf2.nyu.edu), November 30, 1997.

I have replied to this question privately. Feel free to contact me direct, if you want a copy of my letter. Laura

-- Laura Gorney (laura.gorney@lithum.ox.ac.uk), December 02, 1997.

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