What is sports psychology?

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I am doing a Psychology project for school and would appreciate any information on sports psychology.

-- Ryan Bean (Curtbean@juno.com), December 01, 1997


I would suggest that you spend some time reading over the information on this website to start. I think you will find considerable information on what sport psychology is and how individuals can become involved. Also, you may want to check out an introductory sport psychology textbook from your library, such as Foundations of Sport Psychology by Weinberg and Gould. Also, you may want to peruse some of the professional journals in the field, including: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, The Sport Psychologist, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Through these information resources you should be able to more than answer your question. Good luck.

-- Trent A. Petrie, Ph.D. (Petriet@unt.edu), December 01, 1997.

I was intrigued by your question. Could you send me any responses that you have received? I would be interested to know what the typical day of a sports psychologist entails. Thanks!

-- chris (pga@usa.com), March 13, 2000.

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