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A few predictions for next year:

1)Seattle will defeat San Francisco in Super Bowl III

2) HB Shawn Johnson will win the rushing title

3) Oakland QB Herb Tyler will take home rookie of the year award

4) Detroit will be the comeback team of the year

5) New Orleans will turn a few heads and go to the playoffs for the first time

6) St. Louis and Atlanta will be lucky to win 3 games combined! 2 against each other!

-- AFL Commish (, December 03, 1997



-- Kenneth Conner (, December 03, 1997.

You obviously forgot about Green Bay!!!

-- CHET LYON (, December 03, 1997.

you forgot the well improved Ravens!!!!!

-- Ravens (, December 04, 1997.

You are right about....

You are right about Herb Tyler, But I also see Oakland in the Playoffs.. This will be a big turn around year for my team!!!

-- Greg Oakland Raiders (, December 07, 1997.

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