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Has anyone used the Daylab Junior? I have found very little information on the web about this piece of hardware and would like to know what experiences (good or bad) you may have had with it.

thanks Jonathan

-- Jonathan Ziegler (, December 11, 1997


You're right about a lack of info on the Web about Daylab Jr. I tried to find info before I bought a Daylab.

I found a little (very little) info on Jr. on the in the OEM PDF on the Polaroid home page. Check also the B&H online catalog. I found that you can buy a Jr. for about $106.

The main differences between the Jr and the Lab II is that you can't crop the original slide with the Jr. Also, according to Polaroid, you can NOT convert the Jr into a Lab II. I think that I read on the web someplace or in the OEM PDF that for a small fee the Jr. can be converted. It can't be (at least that's what I've been told). It's still not clear to me whether you can use the 4x5 base with the Jr.

For more information, your best bet is to call Polaroid directly. Call 800 info for their number.

I landed up buying a new Lab II with the 4x5 base.

If you plan on ordering the 4x5 base, call the manufacturer's 800 to make sure they've got the focusing slide in stock. They were shipping the base WITHOUT the slide even though they were aware that the slide was missing. Polaroid can supply their number.

Feel free to email me.

-- Stuart Goldstein (, January 20, 1998.

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