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Here is a small list of the players I have to show that the Jags will be one of the teams to beat this year.... QB- Mark Brunell HB- Marshall Faulk WR- Jake Reed and Sterling Sharpe OL- Kent Hull(C),Kevin Gogan(G),Brian DeMarco(G),Tony Bosseli(T) and Leon Searcy(T) DL- Cruch McDowell(DE) and Chris Moss(DT) LB- *Brian Simmons ,*Jason Chorak, Kevin Hardy, and Gary Plummer DB- Aeneas Williams(S), Lionel Star(S), Eric Turner(CB), and Rod Woodson(CB) This should easily prove to all you doubters that the Jaguars are for real this year!!!

-- AFL Jags (, December 16, 1997

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