Y2K effects on Outsourcing Computer Ops.

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Ed, I was wondering what kind of legal trouble could a company have if it has as its main business outsourcing contracts with the Federal governement and private sector?

-- Ron McCamey (rmccamey@csc.com), December 30, 1997


I'll try to respond to the question, but remember that the main focus of this Q&A forum is supposed to be the PERSONAL consequences of Y2K.

Outsourcing vendors, in general, should do well for the next couple of years if they provide Y2K services. Re legal trouble: it depends, to some extent, on whether they're providing "time & materials" work, or whether they're taking complete responsibility for the entire system or application being developed. In either case, all of the outsourcing vendors that I know of have negotiated appropriate disclaimers in their contracts to deal with Y2K liability.

-- Ed Yourdon (yourdon@sprintmail.com), December 30, 1997.

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