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Is anyone putting together a help file (dataset) that show programmers an eay way to add a 2 character year to data using sort, and how using ISPF a master file and a newly created file can be campaired. This is just two of the helpfull question that could be answered with samples so that every one does not need to find out the hard way.

-- Robert J. Schreiner (, January 04, 1998


Robert, Your questions are certainly valid ones, but probably not for this Q&A forum. I would suggest that you post your question on the Usenet newsgroup, which is populated by professional programmers, etc. Alternatively, you might want to visit where there is a listserv discussion group handling technical questions like yours.

This Q&A forum is intended by people who are concerned about the impact of Y2K on their personal lives -- e.g., what should they do about their bank accounts, or their jobs, or whether they should move out of an urban center to a smaller town, etc.

-- Ed Yourdon (, January 04, 1998.

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