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Hello Peoples, I am here to announce a barrage of trade offers that are going to come flying out of the Bills Camp! I would love to trade for a top notch QB, so if you have one please make me an offer! With the right offer no one on my team is untouchable but Terrell Davis is about as close as any player on my team is to being untouchable. It would have to be an amazing offer to make me consider moving him! But everyone else is available! Here is a short list of people who I am considering offering: John Fina Steve McNair Aaron Hayden Michael Jackson Jeff Allen Johnnie Morton Pete Mitchell Jerry Ostroski Bernard Dafney Al Fontenot Darrin Smith Merton Hanks Brock Marion Kurt Shulz Darrell Green Henry Jones

All of those people are available but I am going to want a lot for some of those players.

Get ahold of me ASAP

-- James - Buff. Bills (, January 08, 1998

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