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I need information for off-road racing. Somebody help me? I need mental training for driver. Thank you very much. Carlos Moran

-- Carlos Moran Dosta (, January 09, 1998


Dear Carlos, I have a great interest, both professionaly and recreationaly in motor sports. I consider myself a student of the sport, particularly from a sport psychology point of view, and regard motor sports as my professional sport of choice. I have followed racing for years and have written on the psychological aspects of racing, driving, crews, families envolved in racing, and teams. Also, my experience includes psychological enhancement programs for drivers and crews involved in injury and rehab.

If you feel I can be of service please email me back and let me know how to get in touch with you. You may also call 318-869-7235 I look forward to hearing from you. Eddie

-- Edd L. Wilbanks, Jr., Ed.D. (, March 06, 1998.

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