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Q What are the benefits of exercise on the health and well being of the average person ?

-- william o connor (, January 21, 1998


Your question caught my attention since i am interested in the benefits of yoga on psychological well being. If you find any information on this please forward it to me. I will be bebinning my research in a few weeks and i would be glad to share info i find if the topic of yoga and it benefits to psych well being interests you. I am particularly interested in scientific studies not xase experiences.

-- Randy Sherwood (, March 22, 1998.

In reponse to the question,"What are the benefits of exercise on the health and well being of the average person," I would refer you to a number of articles writen in a book titled,"Physical activity and mental health." I would start by reading each chapter which would provide you a reasonable begginning into your research. Secondly, I would direct you to a number of articles writen by Dr Steven N. Blair and colleges. Since there are a lot of these areticles, I will not list them, but I am sure if you did an author search in the periodicles at your library you will come across them. I can not say that physical activity actually benefits a person who falls within the normal ranges on psychological measures. Nonetheless, the book I just mentioned contains the most recent and valid research in to how the performance of physical activity influences psychological health--if you can call it such. I hope this helps.

-- Christopher L. Stotesbery (, April 08, 1998.

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