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I am doing a master researching differences and similarities in business and top sport environment concerning perception of the success-term, the factors contributing to success and what might be transferable between the two evironments. I need a tip or two about litterature, both scientific material and popular stuff that touch base with my subject. Please mail! Tip and opinions, I would be much grateful.

-- Anders Hall Groterud (, January 26, 1998


I am a danish psychologystudent who are very interested in any information you receive, would you please forward any messages yo receive. Thank you

-- Kim Bisgard, Denmark (, July 23, 1999.

As a researcher working in Belgium I wanted to focus on what is making the difference. I am a clinical psychologist and a sportpsychologist, and within alert I' m getting the liberty of doing research on top sporters with very known instruments such as MBTI and CPI. So any information I will find will be transmitted. I hope we can exchange information mutually. I will just start my research. JOHAN BOELAERT

-- Johan Boelaert (, February 08, 2000.

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