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Particularly in basketball, how do you talk to someone who needs confidence when his/her game is struggling. I try to tell them to just play the game the way they did when they were having success on the court. Should i continue to do the same thing in coping with their lack of confidence or should I try something new. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

-- Chris Root (, February 11, 1998


I play varsity basketball for my high school team. I'm not the most talented of players but when it comes down to it I understand that losing confidence means losing heart. I found that one of the only ways to retrieve that confidence is to go back to the basics. You have to show yourself how good you really are by simulating starting all over, then your skills shine through and the confidence returns

-- Melissa Monno (, October 06, 1999.

Often you will find that the coaches can and do strip confidence away from young players. I recomend looking at the agenda's of some coaches

-- Deborah Goda (, August 08, 2000.

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