Point Of Sale computers (Restaurants)

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I work in high end restaurants, the kind well paid programmers like to hang out in. By and large the POS systems of choice are Squirrel and Micros. I called a sales rep from Micros and asked him about his machines y2k compliability status. He assured me that he was assured that everything "is compliant". My question has to do with how many microprocessers run those particular machines and if they are over three years old (most are), will they have a snow balls chance of repairing them in time? Also, any suggestions for running a restaurant without the computers other than paper and pencil?

-- Tim Schneider (timpaul@inreach.com), February 24, 1998


Tim, It might be wise to find out how to run that restuarant without electricity and telephones too. Good Luck Annie

-- Anne Gaffson (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), February 28, 1998.

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