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I am working on a research report on sport psychology and I was wondering if you can suggest to me some cites that would give me some good information about: pay, education requirements, responsibilities how to get started, what is the AAASP or APA what are the advatages, what can you do with your degree of psychology, and would you recomend this job to future pupils. thank you for taking the time to even look at these questions. Hopefully you may have an answer.

-- Charles Harris (, February 25, 1998


I am not in the field, but I have been gathering information for pone of my high school students. (that is how I ended up looking at your question. These are a few sources I have located or seen reference to:

Van Raalte, J.L. & Williams, J.M. (1994). Graduate training and career possibilities in exercise and sport psychology. Brochure sponsored by APA Division 47, AAASP, and NASPSPA. Available from APA Division Services (202) 336-6013. For athletes: Kirschenbaum, D. (1997). Mind matters: Seven steps to smarter sport performance. Carmel, IN: Cooper (317) 574-9338. Murphy, S. (1997). The Acheivement Zone: An 8-Step Guide to peak performance in All ARenas of Life. New York, NY: Berkeley. (800) 847-5515. Orlick, T. (1990). In Pursuit of excellence. (2nd Ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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If you learn of any other sources, please let me know!

-- CA Brusven (, January 12, 1999.

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