Fuel tank sender for '35/36 Pickup and modern fuel gauge

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Does anyone know where to get a fuel tank sender that will work with a '35 Ford pickup gas tank and a modern fuel gauge? The old tank has a sending unit with 6 holes and about 2.75" diameter. Modern sending units seem to have 5 holes in a 2.12" diameter. The books I have seen say the old sending units have a small heating element which moves a bimetallic spring away from a diagphram which is controlled by the float lever and seems to be very different from a modern sending unit which seems to be just a variable resistor.

And yes, I know that the original '35 gas gauge was an air line with red liquid, but I want to put in newer gauges (especially since I don't have the old gauges)

-- Tom Teixeira (tjt@world.std.com), March 02, 1998

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