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I found a very interesting site that compares the Food Storage Industry. It gives some very insightful information. Its definately worth a look. It can be found at

Sincerely Howard White

-- Howard White (, March 06, 1998


I was involved with the food storage industry-selling the products of Walton Feed and AlpineAire. I decided to test my products- using the Del Monte and Pillsbury test labs to do my sampling. What I discovered was astonishing- neither company was packaging properly- The label on Walton's products claimed a 99.5% oxygen free product. In fact their levels averaged 6%. The quartermaster corps of the U.S. military has established and oxygen content of the headspace gases of the o2 reduced products they purchase to be no more than 2%. I sued AlpineAire and filed an official complaint with the Attorney General's Office for the State of Idahoe- Walton's home state. Both companies are packaging differently now- but serious questions still exist. I have written a book entitled "Creating the Complete Food Storage Program- a Technical Manual". It contains over $3000 worth of testing. I also tested food from private storages up to 30 years old, plus the products of every long term food storage company. E mail me for more info and a free download on my most important chapter on creating a storage plan

-- Skipper Clark (, March 21, 1998.

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