Embedded Systems Testing Results

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Just to start this forum off, here are some Y2K testing results:

Westronic (or Tracor) Model DDR10 Multipoint Recorders - Can not enter a date beyond 12/31/98 (yes 1998). Appears to roll over properly tp 1999 (can't test 2000 as can't set it beyond 12/31/98). The vendor fix (new EPROMS for the recorder) still leaves one error. Can't enter 02/29/2000. It will correctly roll from 2/28, to 2/29, to 3/1. Be sure to specify whether you need the EPROMs programed for linear or log functions.

Modicon Model AS-B885-002 ASCII to Basic Communicator Module. Rolls from 2/28/00 to 3/1/00. If set to 2/29/00, will roll to 3/0/00 (yes the zeroth of March). Although not Y2K complient, in our application the date is not used, nor sent nor compared to another date, and the module operates fine as is. We are considering "use as is".

What Y2K Embedded System problems have others found? (No need to repeat internet accessible lists from vendors).

-- Anonymous, March 10, 1998

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