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I am doing an essay focusing on why you should exercise more when your muscles are sore? i need any suggestions?

-- Belinda Bennett (, March 31, 1998


are you looking at this from a solely psych point of veiw?

if you are, then disregard what i'm saying...*s*...

from a physiological perspective, it is detrimental to carry out dynamic exercise hwile 'sore'. The reason behind this lies in the fact that the soreness is attributable to small tears in the muscle tissue from the strenuous exercise. If the muscle is called into dynamic exercise soon after the healing of these tears, the protein and fibrous matrix that is laid down to support the healing will be torn again, and will reform eventually, as scar tissue, thus irradicating elastic propertirs of that muscle fibre.

The best exercise would be static and PNF stretching. This would stimulate the elastic component, but not in such a way as to dynamically destroy the healing mucle tissue.

there wil be much literature on this.

sorry if this isn't what you were after.

-- Steven Bowman (, May 08, 1998.

i don't neccessarly have aquestion, but i am doing a study on burn out in athletes, and i was wondering were you were getting a bulk of your information from.

-- Mikenzie (, October 11, 1999.

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