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Anybody out there know how long one can store kerosene? I want to order a two-burner kerosene stove from Lehman's and an oven that goes on top. But I'm hesitating because I don't know if I can get two years out of 200 gallons of kerosene without the stuff going bad. Does someone sell extender for kerosene, as stores do for gasoline? Thanks.

-- William Harr (, April 11, 1998


I was over visiting an Amish area yesterday and I asked this question. I was told that if it is stored in a steel drum, it would keep indefinitely, in plastic, only a few months. That was their experience. Hope this helps.

-- Rebecca Kutcher (, April 18, 1998.

I'm no expert, but everything that I read tells me that kerosene will keep 10-15 years easily without any sort of extender. You should be fine.

-- Ryan Booth (, July 04, 1998.

During the last two weeks in June, my local country gas station had a sign out front saying, "No kerosene until July 1: Government Mandate." I have no idea what that was all about, but if you plan to get some of the stuff, you may want to do so relatively soon.

-- Faith Weaver (, July 07, 1998.

Faith, why don't you stop and ask what that "mandate" was all about! Might prove to be interesting. What state is it in? Thanks!

-- Annie (, July 07, 1998.

How much did you pay for your kerosene stove?

How much does Kerosene Cost? I am in Canada so I don't know if it would be different here. Also where do you go to buy a large volume of kerosene? Do you buy it at a gas station or where?

Also do you know anything about kerosene fridges and/or heaters? How much kerosene would one need for a year or two? Do you pour it into the appliance or do you need a special pump or something? Totally clueless about this kind of stuff.


-- Hadassah Victor (, October 19, 1998.

Hello "H"

I have a kerosene heater that I use quite alot for backup heat in the winter like when my 500lb propane tank is out or the Elect. is down from a storm. I live in Georgia. A store close by sells kerosene for $1.69 a gallon. The heater tank holds one gallon and it will burn for 12 hrs on a tank. Good clean heat but I leave a window cracked.I got it from Home Depot on sale for $89.Name is Kerosun Omni 230. My house is small 3 bedroom ranch but it can keep all rooms toastie and warm and that's not even on high. With our mild winters it works great. Even up North with spare rooms closed off it should be a good way to go. You can even heat soup/water etc. on the flat top. It also has a battery ignition which lights easily. Only smell fumes when it goes out and then its not bad. You need a kerosene can and a sifin (sp)hose. Home Depot has these too. Plastic hose with primer bulb to pump kerosene out to heater tank. Also pick up a couple of spare wicks while you are at it. I have never had to replace it in the 3 yrs I have used it, but I will probaly be giving it a good workout soon! I also plan on a small wood cook stove if the worst comes. Elaine

-- Elaine Hammons (, December 02, 1998.

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