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I came across a website called Safe-T-Tabs. The product is a tablet that contains protein, minerals, vitamins...l2 daily supply all your needs and a bottle of 36 tablets is $5.50. This would be a lightweight "food" to carry in emergencies. Does anyone know anything about this product.

Thanks, Susan

-- Susan C. (jclont@mastnet.net), April 18, 1998


Here's my standard disclaimer: I have no background in nutrition or medicine. That being said, here's my advice:

While the pills you described may have many vitamins and nutrients (much like a multi-vitamin), they lack the wholeness of the diet that a person needs to consume. Being a moderate fitness nut, I have found that the MOST COMPLETE, LOWEST COST, FOOD SOURCE is found in protein shakes or power bars that can be purchased at health food stores (sometimes even at pharmacies).

While kidney beans and other sources of dried foods keep well and provide some nutrition, a $19.99 tub of weight gainer shakes (which can be mixed with water, juices, or powdered milk), will provide you with a complete daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibers.

While the tub itself may be cumbersome to carry (in a backpack for example) consider packaging "meals" in ziplock bags for easy transportation or storage. Another good source of full nutrition is MetRX bars or PowerBars, which can also be obtained at fitness stores or pharmacies. While they are more expensive per serving than the powdered shakes, they have the convenience of no preparation.

Best of Luck

-- Jon O'Dette (jodette@erols.com), April 19, 1998.

I researched this product and sports/food bars like Mainstay and Datrex (made for liferafts) as part of a book I wrote on food storage. I agree that the protein shakes are a better value, and protein bars provide more calories- the most important nutrient in the short term. Comparing price per oz., calorie content and protein level the MLO hard body chocolate sports bar was the best value (and quite tasty). The survival tabs were twice the cost of the bar, and not as filling. I'm experimenting with making my own pemican bars- from rolled oats, whole wheat flour, brewers yeast, protein powder, lard or shortning, sweetener and salt. I think the bars will supply at least 600 calories, 20 grams protein and be less than 50 cents each

-- skipper clark (skipper@cncnet.com), April 19, 1998.

Check out Nitro-Pak Preparedness Centers' 15 day Survival Food Tabs. "The Ultimate Life-Saver!Convenient&lighweight highcalorie originally made for the Special Forces. Likeable malt-ball taste. Contains 180 tabs providing 100% of the RDA of essential vitamin & minerals. 8-10yr shelf life. Heat or cold have no effect. $23.95 1-800-866-4876

-- edgar cayce (edc41@sprintmail.com), April 19, 1998.

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