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How do you know if a computer is Y2K compliant?

-- Aerin Smith (smithaer@wirefire.com), April 30, 1998


You have essentailly three things to think off: The BIOS, the Operating System and your software. The BIOS can be checked by getting version numbers from the company web site (ie, Dell, DEC, IBM, Gateway, etc). The OS can be somewaht checked by looking at vendors webs sites (ms, apple, ibm, dec, etc). I have noticed that many OS's are partially compliant. The partial bits probably will not effect you unless your a sys admin. The Software you have on your machine is a whole different ball game. Checking vendor web sites is one step, but testing and invoking the whole Y2K mind set is the only sure way of finding out if your ok.

-- Alistair Maclean (amaclean@taratec.com), May 01, 1998.

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