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I am intereted in doing a MSc dissertation in Sport Psychology and the sub section of goal setting. I am led to believe that the field of goal setting in sport has not found concrete evidence pertaining the effectivness of the tool. Therefore i would like to do research that still requires to be conducted in this feild and preferably in a team setting. Some ideas of interest are female and male goal prespectives role and influence. What type of goals should athletes set?? Performer and coach within goal setting?? These are just ideas that i have come with would like information as to whether research has been carried out in these settings or not and if there are any other areas in goal setting that i could do research in.

-- Gobinder Singh Gill (97800021@chester.ac.uk), May 06, 1998


From my 30 years or so experience working with thousands of students ( I have taught self defense classes since 1966), I have observed goal setting to be a very important initial step in organizing my classes. It has to be done jointly - the class and the instructor. It has to be long range (what do we we want to achive in this semester - 5 months), then short range (what do we want to achieve this hour, this day, this week, this month, etc.)

Only when you have goals- direction do you know who, what,where ,when and how questions can be answered


-- Victor Benedicto (bengbeg@pworld.net.ph), May 29, 1998.

Hi Gobinder, I'm doing a Master's in Australia at the moment, and would say that there have been a fair number of publications on the topic of goal setting. Have you looked in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology? I know for sure that there are empirical evaluations of goal-setting packages which have been undertaken in the last couple of years. What you're going to have to do is consult that journal,and The Sport Psychologist to see what has been done. Hope that this helps you on your way! cheers, casey

-- casey floyd (cfloyd@cyllene.uwa.edu.au), June 01, 1998.

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