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I am a graduate of Neuroscience and am currently undertaking a Psychology degree by distance learning. I have also worked as an Assistant Psychologist in the areas of Neuropsychology and Health Psychology. I have read with interest the careers information for Sports Psychology, however this seems to have a U.S bias. I was wondering whether anyone could give me info./advice on pursueing a career in Sports Psychology in the U.K. I would be interested in any information on courses, jobs, research etc. Thanks.

-- Shona Jackson (, May 12, 1998


I seem to be in a similar position to yourself with regards searching for places in the U.K to study post-grad sports psych. I have been told that the University of West England and Exeter University offer courses Masters in sports psych, however I have not looked in to this yet as I have only been searching the net for ten minutes! Good luck - but please don't take any places I may be after!!!

-- (, August 06, 1998.

Currently there are some masters courses running in England on sport psychology. The best are at Chichester Institute of Higher Education and Manchester Metropolitan University. To persue a career in sport psychology you need a higher degree and three years accreditation to become an accredited sport psychologist under BASES British Association of Sport and Exercise Science. As you have experience in mainstream psychology you need a higher degree in sport science and can gain this via the courses above. The best people to talk to are BASES situated in Leeds. Good Luck.

-- mike simpson (`), November 10, 1998.

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