Exercise Psychology?

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Hello, My question concerns the area of exercise psychology (not high performance or sport Psychology). Specifically why I cannot seem to locate any information on exercise psychology - focussing on behavior modification and the general population.

-- Richard St. Pierre (c2h0@unb.ca), May 15, 1998


Hi Richard, I'm only starting out in this field and has begun some reading. I think we are looking for the same things. Maybe you can try redaing this book, Psychology of Physical Activity and Exercise by Stuart Biddle/Nanette Mutrie published by Springer Verlag. Maybe you can tell me what you are able to get from the book.

Thank you

-- Lim Eng Hooi (lehooi@pc.jaring.my), November 16, 1999.

Hello, i've been try to get a copy of Psychology of Physical activity and exercise , Stuart Biddle and Nanette Mutrie, published by Springer Verlag. but have had no joy , can you help me please ( RSBN number?) Thank you Tracie

-- Tracie Vincent (TRACIE VINCENT@AOL.COM), February 09, 2000.

i need help i an doing a project in my high school psychology class and i need information on exercise psychology. What is exercise psychology? What are the personality traits needed to be in exercise psychology? What is the pay like? What classes do u need to be in exercises pshchology? Where do these people work? thank you in advance.

-- monica (Emlnemschk@hotmail.com), September 29, 2000.

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