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Many people are now scrambling to get food storage. I understand that Walton Feed is now taking orders for 1999. I have friends that ordered 6 months ago and still no food. I was lucky and found a company that sells Perma-Pak 2001 units at a huge discount price of $1295.00. I know because I bought two units and it arrived at my door in less than three weeks. I think that I got a fair deal. The site is at www.northlink.com/~gwiatt/ The company Emergancy Food Storage and I felt that they treated me fairly and honestly.

Good Luck Mike Penner

-- Mike Penner (mpenner@mailexcite.com), June 04, 1998



I find it odd that the next full question after "Emergancy..." is by a guy with an email address at northlink.com with the site of www.northlink.com/~gwiatt/. Incredible. In my opinion, MPenner is posing but I could be wrong. Flame me if you want.


-- Ken (k150@yahoo.com), June 04, 1998.

Mabe this is just another advertisement for Walton Feed.

-- Marty Kline (marty456@yahoo.com), June 05, 1998.

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