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Which is the best kind of exercize? Treadmills, Bikes, or weight lifting

-- Roxie Orr (Roxie_orr@hotmail.com), June 05, 1998


For a total body workout, I recommend that you exercise on any form of cardiovascular equiptment for twenty minutes about three times a week . For the first four weeks, you work out at a Rate of Percevied Exertion Scale or RPE at 4-5 on a scale of ten. Then for twenty weeks, you work out on cardiovascular equipment of RPE at six to seven on a scale of ten. Then for the next six weeks, you can work out at less of a RPE and still maintain your cardivascular fitness.

I also recommend that you lift weights for the first two weeks for about wice a week at one to two sets each body partat 12-15 reps. Once your each fifteen reps at a weight you can increase the wigh to where you can do it for twelve reps. Furthermore, you should not squat, deadlift, or do bent-over rows. Then the next four weeks, you can go to three-four sets per a body part for eight to ten reps on a four day weightlifting workout. For example, you lift the upper body on Monday and Wednesday and the legs on Tuesday and Thursday. Thus, the weight lifting should help your burn fat because you are building muscle.

You should go see what the proper workout is for you by your doctor. I am not a liscensed personal training so I am not recommending this workout. You should go see your doctor and ask him about a workout and a proper diet.

-- Richard Griff (R286@www.hotmail.com), January 25, 1999.

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