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Is there a way to set up an RV or camper with solar power versus reliance upon (gas) propane and/or electricity?

-- John Moneypenny (, June 06, 1998


Yes, and most large RV centers can work with you on it. While searching for PV modules for my home the local RV center was one of my first stops. Most Solar companies can and have worked up rigs strictly for RV's.

Be aware, I just ordered my module and regulator, just enough to keep a large radio rig operating.... and I had to call 3-4 places to find one that was not backordered and could ship right away. Order quickly.

-- Art (, June 08, 1998.


We are a solar electrical products distributor. It is possible to put solar modules on an RV. We do this frequently and it is relatively easy for an individual to do this themselves. We stock solar modules of various sizes to meet individuals' differing needs.

I would be happy to help you if you would like. Just e-mail me a note with your approximate daily usage and your geographical location where the RV would be used.

-- Steve Schumacher (, June 26, 1998.

You can go to this site. They have many solar solutions including an RV power setup. I have no connection but have purchased materials from them and they seem reliable.


-- Paul Cordes (, June 27, 1998.

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