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Yesterday, I drove nearly 100 miles one way to pick up some winter wheat from "The Country Baker" in NE Indiana. I stuffed 12 pails in my car somehow. They sell Montana Hard White and Red "7 year pro pack" meaning that their method of packaging insures freshness for 7 years. They also carry many other goods such as lentils, legumes, freeze dried yeast. etc. The cost of the wheat was $23.00 for a 50# pail. As of this writing, they are in the process of ordering 17000# of fresh wheat. And there are no delays for shipping at this time.

They also carry electric and hand grinders.

These are very nice people and great to do business with. They even offered to meet me half way with my order so I didn't have to drive that far. That's rare in these days!

Denise seems to know everything imaginable about bread baking and I'm sure she would answer any questions you would have.

Drop them an email for a list of their goods as well as shipping info.

The Country Baker.........""

I'm heading back next week for another 12 pails


-- Rod (, June 08, 1998


Would you please give the address and phone number of this company? I tried to send an email but it was bounced back.

-- Dennis Sherwood (, June 08, 1998.

Some people are having problems getting emails thru so here's their phone no.



-- Rod (, June 08, 1998.

I have also recently purchased from the country baker fast, courteous, and professional


-- Rich (, June 08, 1998.

Disregard the above number.......that's their fax To speak to a human call 1-219-834-2134

-- Rod (, June 08, 1998.

The Country Baker is a great company to deal with. Another FAST source of storable foods in a very wide variety is Family Preparedness Now. At this time shipping is in about 72 hours. For information see this web site and go to the phone numbers section. It gives a toll free number to call as well as a fax on demand number to get price lists, order forms, etc.


-- Wayne C. Jarvis (, June 14, 1998.

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