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Does anyone know what the storage life of bodybuilding meal replacement powders are? These are usually balanced formulas with very high quality proteins (better than you will get from any food). Zero fiber, so you wouldn't want to live on them but if they lasted over time they would make a great addition to anyones food stores.

-- Gerry Reid (, June 15, 1998


Storage life varies with each company. The best high protein, hi power supplements I have found are from Met-Rx and EAS. You can check them out on the Web at / -- The EAS shakes are total meal replacements. I'm going to write both companies and ask them about shelf life. Hope this helps.

John Michaels

-- John Michaels (, June 20, 1998.

I just called EAS and asked about their Myoplex line. They told me that the Shakes and Bars are guaranteed for at least 2 years. Those shakes sound like a great supplement, but they are relativly expensive. $40 for a box of 20.

But they taste great.. just add water...

-- Scholty (, August 07, 1998.

Actually, quite often they are nothing but crap. The fact is the quality varies across the scale. You are much better off, nutritionally and financially buying REAL FOOD.

-- Will Huett (, August 07, 1998.

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