Who do we buy food from? What is the best thing to do?

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I have been researching many different food suppliers, and you and I both know there are MANY to choose from! We need to order soon and I am not sure who to go with. Walton's seemed to be the lowest prices, but I don't know much about any company's reputations, and when your talking about stocking your family with at least a year supply, you want to go with a trustworthy source, but we need to do this NOW!

Please answer soon!!

Thanks, Billie Pattschull

-- Billie Pattschull (jimbil@ffia.net), June 25, 1998


I would go to a sporting goods store and purchase some freeze dried food. Try it on your family first to see if they like it. I have found these companies to be too pricey. I have found a "seconds" canned goods outlet where I purchase name brand products really cheap. For instance Del Monte 32 oz Peaches - 79 cents, 17 oz Corned Beef and Hash - 69 cents, Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes with celery, onion, - 3/$1.00. I called these companies regarding expiration dates and they told me as long as the can is not leaking or bulging the food inside is perfect;ly safe to eat. I box up a 1 weeks supply of food for 4 people. This way you aren't fumbling through stacks of canned goods looking for a particular item. In my weeks food, I have: dried beans, rice, peas, lentils, pasta, peaches, broth, canned meat products (SPAM, don't laugh, it has an indefinite shelf life), corned beef hash, mixed vegetables, pasta sauce. I date each box so I know when I packed it. Then after one year, I start eating the food and and add another box to replace it. If you have room under your house, this is a perfect place to store goods. Keep the boxes off the ground, If your house is prone to moisture, put down plastic to help keep the moisture away from your goods. Another good food that has a long shelf life are dried prunes! Anyway, there are website around that have how much food you will need for a family of four. Get started now cause it will take you a while to accumulate. Buy a little at a time so it isn't so overwhelming. Even if Y2K is not as bad as we all are hearing, it's good to have food on hand in case of some other emergency. Good Luck.

-- Star (starlight@yahoo.com), June 25, 1998.

Here's what you do, Billie: go to your local Costco or wherever and buy grain and legumes (beans, peas, etc.) by the sackful. Then get some of those white plastic five gallon containers, the kind with lids. If you can't find 'em, get some small garbage cans or other container with a sealable lid. Pour in your grain. Get some dry ice, place it on top of the grain so the CO2 goes into the container when it melts. This displaces the oxygen and prevents mold, bugs, etc. from spoiling. When the dry ice has melted, there should be CO2 up to the rim; light a match and ease it slowly into the container past rim level. If it goes out due to lack of oxy, gently but firmly seal the lid. If you want an extra good seal, use some clear silicone caulk around the edge. Don't forget oil - gotta have lipids. Seeds and beans for sprouting provide good vitamin C and other nutrients. Honey, spices, a good multivitamin supplement, and you're all ready for the apocalypse. Don't forget to have fun!

-- Kooky Survival Nut (foo@bar.com), June 30, 1998.

The CO2 in dry ice form is very cleaver but a sack of beans and bags of rice will store for 2 to 5 years if just kept dry and safe from rodents. Buy 30 gallon steel garbage cans, buy sack o beans, place sack o beans in plastic garbage bag, seal with tape, put in metal garbage can, repeat until full, place metal lid on can, seal with duct tape, forget until needed.

Remember folks, the time frame we are talking about. It's right around the corner and if it lasts much longer than 6 months to a year you may not want to survive. Your supplies need not be the 20 to 30 year variety. Can goods purchased now will last for up to 7 years.

To prepare for the worst, remember pionneer supplies. These people went for 6 to 15 months on beans, flour, salt, and an occasional animal.

Very important. Water storage and purification. Food is no good with out a reliable source of water.



-- jh (yada@yada.com), June 30, 1998.

Go to Emergency Food Storage at www.northlink.com/~gwiatt

If you email for their pricelist you also get a list of seven important questions to ask before you order food storage. Its very informative.


-- Marty Kline (marty456@yahoo.com), July 01, 1998.

I've noticed a lot of people getting upset with the service they are receiving from some companies. I've also noticed people looking for other alternative suppliers to help with the incredible demand. I have been a food storage distributor with Perma Pak for over 11 Years and would be glad to help. We still have food and are shipping within 4 weeks. Perma Pak is known in the Industry for the high quality products they offer. Yes, there is a difference! If you would like more information please email me at: permapak@iname.com or visit our site at: http://www.itsnet.com/~skelling/permapak.htm

Good Luck,


-- Sven Kelling (permapak@iname.com), August 04, 1998.

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