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I recently took a class in image transferring in which we used the Daylab Jr. I am very happy with my 3x4 prints but.wonder though will I be taken seriously if I plan to make money selling prints this size? I also need to know then is the Daylab II worth the money just to have larger images? What has been your experience? I think that if I could buy a used Daylab II from anyone I would of course be more willing to make that size of an investment without knowing the quality of that size printing first hand.

-- Valerie Haggerty (, July 03, 1998


If you think that you might want to go to a larger format at some time in the future, you're probably better off going for the DayLab II. The Jr. is not expandable and there is no trade up deal available (I think that I read someplace that there was some trade up program from the Jr to the II but Polaroid denied that).

I think that you have to print the full slide in the junior whereas with the II you can select the portion of the slide to print. Check with Polaroid directly for more information. They have a web page and an 800 # (the guy that I spoke to about the II was quite knowledgeable about the process and the units).

You could search the Web for a used unit. Don't know how much you can save that way versus buying new. As a suggestion, just buy the II but not the 4x5 base. This way you have the expandability. If you don't go 4x5 (using 4x5 means that you have to buy the base AND a polaroid 4x5 film holder), you're all set and your expense is limited to the II. If you go 4x5, you can always purchase the other items later.

-- Stuart Godlstein (, July 03, 1998.

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