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I am currently a undergraduate student who is wondering what area of specialization in graduate school is required to become a sports psychologist.( i.e. clinical, counseling, etc.) I have not been able to find any schools that offer sports pshchology as an area of specialization. Can one become a sports psychologist without a PHD or is it required? Also what is the general length of study required following undergraduate work to become a sports psychologist?

-- Jay Dubecki (, July 05, 1998


You have asked a controversal question. You need a Ph.D./PsyD in psychology to be able to sit for the licensing exam in most order to call yourself a psychologist. Unfortunately, most graduate programs in psychology offer very little in the way of formal training in sport past years students needed to get sport psych training from sport science departments (which typically would not qualify them to become licensed as a psychologist) or obtain sport psych training on their own while pursuing clinical/counseling psych education. There are some efforts to change that. At the Arizona School of Professional Psychology we hope to be offering a Masters degree in sport-exercise psychology beginning in sept of 99. After completing their MA, students could continue on and recieve a PsyD in clinical psych if they desire. Feel free to e mail with furthe questions at any time.

-- Frank L Gardner (gardconsul@AOL.COM), July 22, 1998.

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