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Why can't they just replace the whole computer have the old one feed in the information To the 2000 model seem cheaper then reprograming and looking for chips.Mabe stop the feeding at 12-31-1999 1159pm let the new one take over

-- Steve M (, July 12, 1998


No, it's not a dumb question but at this point it's probably unworkable. Replacing noncompliant hardware and scrapping the old hardware is fine if you have a complete inventory of everything that needs to be replaced, contract with a vendor for new equipment, actually get it, and install it. With less than 18 months to go and a finite supply of computer hardware manufacturers, and the fact that many large businesses don't even know exactly what they have much less whether it's Y2K susceptible, it's a little late for that. Then of course there's all the legacy software being run for vital day to day functions that no one really understands anymore and may be missing source code. New compliant programming would be the way to go if you had the time to select a vendor, issue specifications, they actually write the program, you test it and install it. Great idea in 1995 or so but in many cases probably too late for that. Small businesses that run a couple of PC's with stock software for accounting purposes could probably still go this route but for the big boys no way. Of course new software will require Y2K converted databases to work properly.

-- anon (, July 12, 1998.

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