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Do you have any experience with a new SX-70 base for the Polaroid Daylab slide printer?

-- Marek Uliasz (, July 25, 1998


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I am still looking for any comments on the SX-70 for Polaroid Daylab printer. I saw it recently listed in Calumet ( for $269.95.

-- Marek Uliasz (, September 23, 1998.

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I've got one positive comment about SX-70 base from the image-transfer list:

"I just got the SX-70 base and it works great. I really like the flexibility of working with my slides as another option. In talking to Daylab, I got the impression that the price was going to drop because Daylab was going to start assembling the SX-70 holder from parts rather than buying the holders from Polaroid, but that was about 3 months ago. I'll try to find out what's happening. They don't have a catalog, just a price list.

Kathleen Carr"

-- Marek Uliasz (, September 29, 1998.

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If you look in the back of the book about sx-70 manipulation, called Painterly Photography, you can read about how to project a negative from an enlarger onto sx-70 film without this fancy piece of equipment.

-- Christopher R Jones (, October 12, 1998.

The SX-70 base fitted for the Daylab Slide printers allows the user to make SX-70 prints from slides without using a darkroom or an old Polaroid camera. I have been looking for an cheap SX-70 base but have not located one yet. I am not sure what Daylab's plans are regarding a sale of the SX-70 bases. On the Daylab website, it claims to include a SX-70 base with the purchase of a Daylab 35 plus printer??? The book Polaroid Manipulations by Kathleen Thormod Carr is a great resource for SX-70 info.

-- Elisabeth Brown (, May 22, 2003.

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