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Rugby union is a game which has two seperate divisions of player, the backs and the forwards. The forwards are required to scrummage and obtain the ball for the backs, their job is therefore very physical and requires a lot of aggression. The backs however are more evasive players and, although they do undergoe a fair amount of contact, do not need to be as aggressive as the forwards. How should these two units get "psyched-up" before a game so as to acheive the aggression needed by the forwards and maintain the focus of contact aversion by the backs whilst keeping a sense of team unity?

-- Hamish Pearson (, August 06, 1998


I recommend that you promote team goals such as that iif you going to go down that no one will out-hustle, out-execute, and out-hit us. This would help your players get psyche up for a game and still keep the team concept. I also suggest that you tell them they are a family and no one is going to take away this bond of family by destroyin gtheir unity in battle and preventing them from victory.

-- Richard Griff (, January 25, 1999.

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