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Has anyone had any luck with PS 4.2 and the CS Displaymaker series? The new CS library contains profiles for the LF series inks but fails to support them when the printer is configured for both dye and pigment.(a.k.a Auto-Ink mode) So far I can only print with LF while in the 8 color mode although these inks were designed to function in the 4 color CMYK configuration at normal LF gamut.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1998


LightFast inks are supported with the Fast 4-Color mode (doubled CMYK) with the following media: Satin Photobase, Glossy Photobase, and TransWhite. But, currently it is not supported in PosterShop 4.2 for the Auto-Ink mode. I have been in contact with ColorSpan and have realized that it was an oversight on our part. I will make the fixes to the ColorSpan print driver and post another message to this bulletin board when it is completed and tested. After that, you may download the driver on our FTP site.

You must also be running with a firmware revision of 1.35.1496 or later for LightFast Dyes to work correctly. This firmware revision is on the PosterShop 4.2 CD under the ColorSpan\Firmware directory. Use the ZUP.exe executable to upload the firmware ("rattler.bin") to the printer by using the following command line:

ZUP rattler.bin

You can check your firmware revision on the printer console by going to the "Printer Info/Software Version" menu.

Thanks, Dean

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1998

Update to ColorSpan "Auto-Ink" problem... ColorSpan has been made aware of the problem and is working on a patch to allow Light-Fast ink use in 4 color (normal speed) mode without having to switch to Auto-Ink. This would allow switching from 4 color into 8 color LF dye from within the software when all 8 LF inks are loaded.(The new LF and Perma series inks can be used as 4 or 8 color sets unlike earlier UWG sets.) Currently the Colorspan RIP supports Auto-Ink, Hi-Speed 4 color LF and 8 color LF modes. Of course this will only work if your printer is also connected to the ColorSpan RIP. I'm currently using my old RipStation and faking an Auto-Ink configuration by swapping light/medium profilers with pigmented ones. I'd much rather be using PS 4.2, but I only have to do this workaround when printing 4/c LF.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1998

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