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My name is Jonathan Foy and I am investigating various sports psychology/counseling programs on the graduate level. What univerisities offer programs in this field in the Northeast. I live in Hackensack, NJ and would prefer a program in the general area. However, I am open to programs further away. If anyone can share information or provide me with a bit more direction, it would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.

-- Jonathan Miles Foy (, August 25, 1998


Springfield College in Massachusets has a strong program in sports counseling. There are not many programs in sport-exercise psychology in psychology departments....which are the only ones i would recommend if you aspire to do applied work. JFK in California has an MA in sport psych, and The Arizona School of Professional Psychology in Phoenix has a new MA program that is tied in to their doctoral program in clinical psych.....good luck!!

-- Dr Frank L Gardner (GardConsul@AOL.COM), August 27, 1998.

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