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Hi, I'm looking for some research that would illustrate the difference in aggression, off the field, for athletes in different sports. I am sure that there has been research on this topic, but I have problems getting it. Could you give me any information on where to look. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Patrice Lemieux, Bishop's University student, Canada.

-- Patrice Lemieux (, September 15, 1998


I go to the University of Maryland Baltimore County(UMBC) and have just completed our Psychology of Aggression class. The professor has done considerable research in aggression. His name is Dr. Aron Seigman(it might be 'ie' - i forget. He has a webpage through our university and you can email him there also. I would start at

-- Theresa Rosbert (, January 15, 1999.

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