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I have a daughter 16. She plays varsity soccer for her high school,, and she is a state player, and plays on a premeir soccer team She is having a problem with her high school coach. we feel he is using a form of mental abuse, by praiseing her only to tear her down. there is no talking to him or the school. He have all power. Where can we go for help,

-- joyce Orlando (silve, September 17, 1998


In high school I was pout in a very similar situation. It might be helpful to talk to other players and parents. We were able to bring a petition to our school board and the coach was asked to step down.

In the same way the basketball team at my university had their coach fired for the same kind of abuse by signing a petition.

-- Theresa Rosbert (, January 15, 1999.

I also played varsity soccer for my high school. We were district champions three years in a row and almost won states my sophomore year (when i was sixteen). I started every game and played all game. My coach was constantly on my case b/c i was the youngest player out there. I made the all state team but apparently that wasn't good enough. I just learned to prove my coach wrong and play the best I could play.You play for yourself not anyone else.. That's my advice to your daughter and yourself....thanks

-- Chris Heitman (, October 07, 1999.

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