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I have a Kodak Brownie Starflex with flash in excellent condition, in it's origianl box. The box is in good shape except for two areas on the front where someone had written a price for a yard sale on it. Otherwise the box (lightly aged) is nearly good as new and not smashed or broken. The camera itself is like new and even has 2 empty 127 spools inside. I have no flashbulbs to test the flash but all is in order. The only thing lacking is the instruction book. Camera has original strap in new shape as well. Lenses are as clear as the day they were made. Make me an offer - I'd rather see this go to someone that appreciates quality than into someone's attic somewhere.

-- Russ Blakeman (, September 17, 1998


I have one too. I have two flashbulbs in the origanal box and I have the instruction book

-- Ian Brown (, July 15, 2002.

I've got one too. Do you know where I could get some film for the camera & how the lens adjust or if they're stagnant? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. I've looked all over the net. Thanks ! :)


-- Sara LeWinter (, December 23, 2000.

Brownie starflex

did you get my email, am interested

-- neil sargent (neilkodak@yahoo.c0m), October 24, 1998.

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