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my daughter 16 plays on her varsity soccer team at her high school. She is a starter and plays most of the game. Her coach praises her all the time in front of the team. When her team has a very important game her coach starts her and she plays for about 15 minutes only to be benched the rest of the game, This happens all the time. He seems to get his enjoyment from hurting her. No one can talk to him about this he will not tolerate that. The school is no help. e feel this is a form of mental abuse. Can you please hel[p, or refer us to someone or some agency that can. She is also a state player now for 4 years, and plays on a premeir club team. Her goals are to play 1ST division ball in college, and this is sure to hurt her.

-- joy orlando (silve@44.com), September 18, 1998



-- (elektro-ell@t-online.de), December 15, 1998.

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