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I recently purchased a daylab II and am having problems using the polaroid back (with 669 film) . I have put 4 packs of film through it and have managed to get only about 6 sucessful frames. Sometimes the leader pulls off without pulling the film out;sometimes the negative and the print separate when pulling the film out;most of the time the developing gel does not get spread evenly over the negative (it does get all over the rollers);sometimes it pulls out 2 photos at the same time. I am trying to pull out in a straight even motion.Any suggestions on correct film loading or operating the polaroid back would be greatly appreciated.

-- patrick mcmahan (, September 19, 1998


Call Polaroid directly. They're in the 800 directory. Tell them that you want to speak to somebody about image transfers. The man I spoke with (I think his name was Gentile) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. There's a trick to both handling and exposing the 4x5 film. But I think if you talk to Polaroid all of your questions will be answered.

-- stuart goldstein (, September 20, 1998.

It sounds like you do not have the polaroids loaded correctly. i would suggest uou bring it in to a local camera shop, swallow your pride;) and see if you are doing it right. I found that someone showing me polaroid technique is much easier than following the written/complicated instructions.

Good luck, Soren

-- Soren Coughlin-Glaser (, September 21, 1998.

I would say go to a local camera shop that has experience with the polaroid backs. Have them show you how to load it. I purchased a back about a week ago for my Hassy and loaded the cartridge wrong. I proceeded to feed the dark slide strip on the cartridge through the rollers, which screwed it up royally. The first picture took fine and thats all she wrote. From then on I was pulling out 3 to 4 exposures at a time. Where I was wrong was I didnt need to feed anything through the rollers. You put the cartridge in and shut the door. Then pull the dark slide on the cartridge (do not run this through the rollers as I did) and a tab will appear. Once the tab appears, pull it and your ready. Take your picture and then pull the tab that is coming out of the rollers. Voila. It is so simple that I felt like an idiot after someone showed me, but hey I know know. Hope that helps

-- Karl Kendrick (, July 29, 2002.

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