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I'm a real computer dummy having an e-mail problem, and my server is closed today. Can anyone help me? My new messages come through in groups of several copies of same message, and some may be missing the sender name or the subject name. Example: I click on the netscape message envelope and the counter says 1 of 7, but when counting is done my unread message block reads perhaps 70 rather than 7.

Then, I look at the sender block and several lines may be completely blank except for the chevrons indicating unread messages.

When I try to scroll down to read the message, and there's no scroll!

Do I need another computer or is the problem in the network? Thanks for any help you can offer, and now I'll hold my breath and hope I can read your response. Thanks! Roy

-- Roy (roy@techcomm.net), September 26, 1998


BTW, not only can't I read the messages coming from Greenspun, but the date that everything was sent is the same... 12/31.

I'm not sure if this is all connected with Greenspun e-mail or not. Will someone e-mail me directly to see if I can perhaps read that?

Thanks, Roy

-- Roy (roy@techcomm.net), September 26, 1998.

T.T. not sure your message was to me or not, but I was able to read it. However, when I hit 'remail' your e-mail address was not there, so I'm answering publicly. I have no website but e-mail address is roy@techcomm.net. Thanks! Roy

-- Roy (roy@techcomm.net), September 26, 1998.


First thing to do is establish if your ISP is at fault. Do you know anyone else you can call that is using the same Internet Service Provider as yourself. If their's is working fine then you'll know it's something at your end . If it's at their end, you'll have to wait until it's fixed there.

One thing for sure, it's not likely you'd have to replace your comput er. You may want to reload your email software. If it's a problem in your software that should resolve it. Back up your mailbox files just in case. If you're using I.E. you can reinstall the whole browser and it should retain all your personalized settings and fix any problems that are there.

If you like , email me with as much detail as you can including what programs you are using, what operating system etc. and I'll suggest a couple of checks you can do.

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), September 26, 1998.

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