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Having serious problems when queuing jobs to print to either a Colorspan 6000 or Encad Pro50:

When we drag a print file to the print queue, the job won't always begin sending data to the printer. The "elapsed time" will begin but the "Done:" status bar will not appear and the job sits in limbo until we are forced to quit/relaunch the server. Nesting is not being used. We are using RipStar 4.0 (Ilford's brand name for Postershop.)

This is particularly bad because many times we will have a godzilla size job printing successfully in *another* print queue, and can't restart the server until it's finished (sometimes hours later) or cancelled. The "virtual printing" as we now call it, seems to happen after 3-5 jobs have succesfully printed. We try to anticipate the problem and quit/relaunch, but it's a crapshoot unless we relaunch after every print job (not an option.)

We are using RipStar 4 (PosterShop 4) on a Dell Poweredge 2200 running NT4 with atleast 1 gig of free space on any given drive. 256 mb of RAM. Our Colorspan connection is via VideoNet.

Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

-- Anonymous, October 02, 1998

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